An apartment overlooking the sea in the well-known Venetian sea town of Jesolo was completely renovated incorporating designs by ANK Architects. To achieve the project’s goal – the optimisation of the rooms to create a more spacious and modern environment – Ideal Work provided the perfect solution in Nuvolato Architop®, a seamless, brutalist, contemporary surface.

This month’s project is a residence by the sea with 77 m2 of space that, through the use of clever design and materials, looks much larger than it actually is.

Well organised and skilfully arranged rooms develop vertically, ending with a large terrace overlooking the sea.
ANK Architects studio, which designed the interiors, opted for light colours and simple lines to lighten the rooms and promote a bright and airy environment. A large window which acts almost as a connecting door between internal and external space, a kitchen in shades of the sea designed to break the uniformity of a minimal colour palette and Ideal Work’s Nuvolato Architop® all contribute to visually enlarge the space as well as to make the environment as smooth and seamless as possible.

The result is concrete’s typical durability and an elegant, yet vibrant look.

An innovative concrete solution for floors applied in just a few millimetres (3-4mm), Architop®  overcomes the thickness and weight limits of traditional concrete whilst maintaining its beauty and strength.‎ Architop® can be used in internal as well as external spaces and can be applied on any solid substrate — even in the presence of underfloor heating.‎ It is ideal for renovating existing concrete, ceramic, marble or sand-cement screed surfaces without the need to remove the existing materials.‎

The same product was also used for the bathroom which is now perfectly in line with the modern, compact design and neutral colours that characterise the entire apartment. No interruptions separate the single rooms, as Ideal Work’s Architop® is a seamless solution able to resist chemical agents and wear, making it equally suitable also for both the bathroom and the balcony. Furthermore, it is practical and quick to clean compared to classic tiles finishes, requiring minimal maintenance over time.

Date: 2022

Place: Jesolo, Italy

Designer: ANK Studio

Ph: Luca Casonato

のために選択されたソリューション PBR Apartment in Jesolo